Mini downhill Bergschenhoek

I had a great time just the other week riding the Mini Downhill race in Bergschenhoek. Yes, here in Holland we don’t have mountains, but we have creativity and determination. The result was a great track with some nice jumps and because it dried out just in time for the finals: a nice fast flowy ride.

With 8 girls on the starting line, it was an terrific day of good riding and fierce (but fun) competition for the top spot. I had a great day, I was in the zone during the final run and it was an awesome feeling to be on the topspot on the podium.

downhill from Amanda van Stralen on Vimeo.

Back together again

Recently I’ve been spending time and money into two new projects! The first one has been ready for a few weeks, all it needs is new wheels and tires, but it’s ready to roll: Santa Cruz Bullit!

The funny thing is, that this bike used to belong to my good friend. He bought a Bullit in oktober 2003 and I soon followed after being inspired. He on the other hand never sold his baby. Untill now… Back together again!

New website: Freeride 4 girls

We have a new sensation going on in the Netherlands, a growing number of girls that freeride and are GOOD at it too! A few of them (including me) have started this website and we’ll be blogging en vlogging our asses of as much as our bike-pleasure allows us. We’re quite ambitious, so this could be the start of a very interesting new weblog. Go check it out, we’re still writing content and new posts will be added every day or so. And please, let us know what you think!

Having fun @Filthy trails

At the moment I’m working on a companion for the Remedy, a downhill rig with a nostalgic touch and one that doesn’t cost me the world. My Remedy is still my baby and the bike that brings the most smiles. But I want to keep it for many years to come (something unique, I usually can’t wait for something new) so I thought it was best not to ride full on downhill with the Remedy anymore.

I visited the Filthy Trails this Sunday with the Remedy (new bike not done yet) and it’s one of these places the Remedy feels right at home. It even jumps the gaps like it’s nothing and if I didn’t have half a brain, I’d attempt to two bigger ones too.

Trek Scratch Air 9 2011

Well… just when you think that you and your Remedy will be happy together for many years to come… they go and do this… the Trek Scratch Air 9.

I cannot believe how awesome this bike is. Check the details Pinkbike posted on this baby:

  • Air sprung front and rear
  • 170 mm of rear wheel travel
  • Uses Trek’s ABP Convert for active suspension while braking
  • 12 x 142 mm rear axle (convertible to 135 QR with supplied hardware)
  • Trail tuned Fox RP23 rear shock
  • Fox 36 Talas FIT RLC, 120-160 mm
  • Shimano 2 x 10 drivetrain
  • E2 Tapered headtube
  • Adjustable geometry via Mino Link
  • Two Scratch Air models: Scratch Air 9 (shown), and the Scratch Air 8

Having the ABP on board is something we’ve grown accustomed to, it’s like your bike says “don’t worry, I have this under control, you just go faster and have fun”. Now they’re introducing the Mino Link, a way to tune the head angle and bottom bracket height. Now it’s fine tuning really, but I bet it makes the difference between going out for an ‘enduro-ride’ today or going for a ‘downhill-ride’ today, and having fun with the same bike.

I would love to compare the Scratch with my Remedy, by weight and purpose. Along my Remedy I’m building a bike for DH only. I love how the Remedy rides downhill, but I was planning to ride for many years to come… The Remedy tags along for enduro rides, local rides in Holland, and downhill-marathon rides abroad. And it rocks at it. Would the Scratch be equally fun on all fronts ánd the downhill tracks too?

Pinkbike has the details, Trek 2011 Scratch 9 & Remedy 9.9

Pinkbike is one of the lucky ones who got to go to the Trek Press camp this week in Chatel. Where others have to wait for their contacts to get home from that week 😉 they get to see and try these awesome rides in the right type of place. Be sure to read the full details on follow the links here:
On the Remedy 9.9:

On the Scratch 9:

And stunning photography: Sterling Lorence

Scratch 9

2011 Trek Scratch 9 details

  • Coil sprung front and rear
  • 170 mm of rear wheel travel)
  • Uses Trek’s Active Braking Pivot
  • 12 x 142 mm rear axle (convertible to 135 QR with supplied hardware)
  • Adjustable geometry allows for head angle and B.B. height variation
  • Custom tuned Fox DHX RC4 shock
  • 180 mm Travel Fox 36 Van FIT RC2 fork
  • ISCG03 chain guide tabs
  • Two models: Scratch 9 (shown) and Scratch 8
  • Available as a frame only

Remedy 9.9

2011 Trek Remedy 9.9 details

  • OCLV Mountain Carbon front triangler
  • OCLV Mountain Carbon seatstays
  • Uses Trek’s ABP Convert for active suspension while braking
  • 12 x 142 mm rear axle (convertible to 135 QR with supplied hardware)
  • Custom tuned Fox RP23 DRCV rear shock
  • Custom tuned Fox 32 Talas FIT RLC
  • E2 Tapered headtube
  • SRAM XX 2 x 10 drivetrain
  • Routing for a telescoping post
  • Three OCLV Carbon models: Remedy 9.9 (shown), Remedy 9.8, and the Remedy 9.7
  • Available as a frame only

Video on custom valving

Steve Peat – Downhill Mountain Biking

After winning the worldchampionships, what else was there to accomplish for Peaty? For something completely different… an iPhone app!

It’s great to see things like this happening, after the Downhill Domination game for playstation 2 there was a big gap for us bikers. But I’m affraid this game is still to premature to like much. Both grapics and controls. But I’m hopefull, if they start developing this game, listening to feedback… it’ll be fun riding with Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar, Josh Bryceland and Hans Ray! Even with Rob Warner if you can stand him that is.

9 things to do in 2010

Last year I had a lot of fun creating a top 9 list for bike-stuff to do in 2009. Eventhough my life changed drastically when I decided to quit my job and work as a freelancer, I got to do most of my list. So I’m going to create a new list and not going to do 10 in 2010, but continu with 9.

  1. Strip Remedy and equip with spanking new cool parts, update to SRAM (finally!),
  2. Get into shape (“hello roadbike”) to shred trails this summer,
  3. Make more video footage!
  4. Have TFT tune shock and fork,
  5. Get new tires that’ll survice Bike Attack-types of rides,
  6. Ride Freeraid Classic and …?
  7. Testride Trek Scratch!
  8. Oh, RIDE MORE!
  9. and, BLOG MORE!